If paparazzi pictures are to be believed, every celebrity in Hollywood spent the weekend taking their kids to a pumpkin patch. I'm positive that they didn't see anything as awesome as one of Ray Villafane's jack-o-lanterns. He is to pumpkin carving what Kim Kardashian is to butts.

Villafane makes his living making sculptures of monsters, super heroes, and other comic book creations, but he dedicates the entire month of October to his passion: turning orange gourds into something you'd see in the basement on American Horror Story. His work has the sort of ghoulish charm you'd expect from someone who is a big fan of comics and Halloween, but the detail he creates in an barely-pliable rind is surely amazing. The Wall Street Journal ran a special video about him this weekend, and now I'm wondering what I have to do to get one of his carvings for my Halloween party.

Update: Ray Villareal's work is currently on display at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. He carved the "world's largest pumpkin" there this weekend. Take a look.