In this helmet-cam vid, a Good Samaritan interrupts his motorbike ride around Gautang, South Africa to save a thoughtless calf who had ingested too many shots of Fernet (or whatever cows drink) during the previous night's "Calves' Night Out" festivities and drunkenly wandered into a canal. The biker's rescue mission requires him to head into the bilge water to save the lanky baby—who starts heading in the opposite direction, mostly because he's embarrassed and doesn't want to be filmed—and use some sort of rope to drag it out of the water. When the calf gets fidgety you'll go, "ugh dumb little asshole cow, stop squirming and cooperate," but then you'll see the pathetic look on its face as it's pulled to dry land and go "aw, I can't curse a calf. It's still learning."

In the end the cow will probably end up as somebody's meal, but for now let's pretend that isn't true. [YouTube]