This Hollywood figure is begging all her friends to set her up with men. This reality star has a dark secret. And Giada De Laurentiis' blind item reputation finally catches up with her. Good thing she's already married.

1. "This unlucky-in-love talk-show host is so desperate to land a husband that she's resorted to begging her celebrity pals—but NOT her more famous BFF—to help her find a spouse? The almost 60, divorced mother-of-two is determined to get married in 2012. Who is she?" [National Enquirer]

2. "Which competitor on a reality competition series is going to get eliminated before her real background comes to light? There's plenty of dirt there, but the most interesting are the three past marriages she tries to hide, and a questionable performance for a very controversial figure. It's the latter that will get her booted before she makes the producers look really bad and tarnishes the show. And she won't be able to play victim here, because her exes are ready to step forward and there is video tape of the questionable performance. Naturally, she'll wail and sob when it happens, but even her crocodile tears won't be enough to save her." [Blind Gossip]

3. "One of my favorite shows from back in the day which is now available on Netflix is Larry Sanders. I loved that show. When they would discuss what guests they wanted and did not want, it was a great part of the show. Well, it happens in real life too. Here is a conversation last week that an A list talk show host had with his/her staff about booking someone. The talk show host and some producers were were in a light production meeting just going over the upcoming schedule. The talk show host mentioned that they want more general guests on the show and to cut back on other parts of the show. The host was also open to having cooking segments come in. One of the producers suggested Giada because it would be a nice ratings booster to have both of them together. The host pondered the suggestion but said nothing. The one of the other producers said.
Producer: Just make sure to keep Giada away from the band.
Host: Laughs
Producer who suggested it: What?
Host: You know!
Producer who suggested it: Know what? Oh, because of the John Mayer thing? That was made up by Star Magazine.
At that point the talk show host started talking about how the producer was clueless about what Giada's deal is and that it is way more than rumors. Apparently Giada would confide in a stylist who also styled the talk show host and was not shy about spilling what was spilled to him which basically included that Giada often would use the excuse of 'production meetings' to go meet with guys. The talk show host then called Giada a word that begins with an s and rhymes with mutt.
The producer who suggested her then asked, 'so she is out then?'
The talk show host then replied, 'who else do you have besides the blowjob queen?'" [CDaN]

4. "This actor grew up in a small town in the Midwest and lived in poverty for most of his childhood. He was so ashamed of his roots, in his early acting career he never did interviews about his background or past. When he first got into the business, he spent most of his money and energy on lavish homes and cars to compensate, almost ruining him financially. Since his marriage and becoming a father, he's now shifting his focus and just last month, made a sizable anonymous donation to a local children's shelter by selling an exotic car and donating the proceeds." [BuzzFoto]

5. "Which Grammy-winning singer is getting weight-loss tips from another weight-challenged Grammy winner—without her knowledge? Diva #1 is working closely with an ex of Diva # 2, and he's spilling all of his former lover's secret diet and exercise tips! Who are they?" [National Enquirer]

6. "Which two current Dancing with the Stars contestants were this close to being related by marriage? The wannabe hoofer, who almost married into the famous family, isn't talking because his ex was—and still is—the black sheep of that celebrated clan!" [National Enquirer]

7. "What cast of a popular TV series is so miserable that they can't wait for their show to come to an end? The stars always put on their best poker faces during group interviews, but behind the scenes they're desperately ripping each other apart!" [National Enquirer]