You want to read about Rick Perry's fun new flat tax plan? Well let's see then... ah, this should do: "The five biggest questions about Rick Perry's tax plan." Now let's move on to the more topical Perry business of the day: This funny old campaign ad of his from the mid-1990s, where he's running around some sausage factory.

Rumors about Rick Perry's love of sausage have been a ubiquitous feature of the Texas gossip scene for some 25 years, but this ad confirms it. It's an ad he ran for his reelection as Texas' agriculture commissioner in 1995. This sausage company in some small town, the narrator tells us, "is what's important about being agriculture commissioner" to Rick Perry. Meaning... he must get plenty of free samples? Let's not get carried away with message and simply appreciate the theatrics. Watch as that sausage tray rolls by, and then a big door to another sausage chamber opens, and then voila, Rick Perry appears! That single moment locks this in as Campaign Ad Hall of Fame worthy. Or at least it would make for a decent animated .gif.

[via Eater, Wonkette]