Anonymous appears to be gathering steam for an attack to "destroy" Fox News on November 5th, for its propaganda against the Occupy Wall Street protest. As awful as Fox News is, this is a very dumb idea.

Remember how Anonymous started off attacking Scientology for censoring that Tom Cruise video? Trying to shut down Fox News for the bullshit they spew every day is no different.

The real way to attack Fox News is to just watch any five minutes of the clowning on programs such as Redeye and Fox and Friends, find a particularly stupid moment, then write a cutting blog post about it. (They really do read them!) Or maybe call up Bill O'Reilly and ask him about the time he tried to get a dude investigated by the cops because he thought he was having an affair with his ex-wife.

In any event, this seems less like an actual Anonymous campaign, and more like some teenager got fancy with the iMovie and the historical references—Nov. 5th is Guy Fawkes day, and Anonymous loves Guy Fawkes (masks)—and posted a video which was picked up by an overeager media. The same thing happened to the not-really-a-plan to "destroy" Facebook. [Raw Story]