In your wacky Wednesday media column: Christiane Amanpour's reportedly unhappy, the New Orleans paper's crazy Twitter scheme, the Hackgate Phone Zero located, and Wikileaks isn't so easy to copy after all.

  • Christiane Amanpour reportedly hates being on ABC and wants to return to CNN. Wha... and lose journalistic colleagues like George Stephanopoulos? Is she unable to keep up with Ben Sherwood's "Thriller" style of reporting? How will she ever learn real journalism?
  • The owner of the New Orleans Times-Picayune is paying players on the New Orleans Saints to promote the paper's coverage on Twitter. Well. I don't see anything wrong with that, and I've been working for 43a for years.
  • The Independent says that police have found a mobile phone that was used by News of the World reporters to hack more than 1,000 phones in the UK. All on one, supercriminal phone eh? That is... pretty stupid.
  • Jeff Bercovici notes that the NYT and the WSJ both developed their own Wikileaks-style anonymous submission systems—or tried to, since neither of them have really panned out. "NOW WHO'S MADE OF POOP?" - Julian Assange.

[Photo: AP]