Rick Perry has spent a few days going out of his way to question the validity of President Obama's birth certificate, either because he has actual doubts or just wants to make some jokes with Donald Trump.

Or because he's a priceless moron? Why was he putting so much focus on this while Mitt Romney was moving into a nice, destructible death position?

It looks like he's done having his fun for now, at least, and is finally saying he has "no doubt" Obama's an American citizen. Here the latest, from an interview with Adam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times:

Adam: Jeb Bush said the other day, the Republican candidates should categorically reject the notion that Barack Obama was not born in America. This came after you expressed doubts about that.. what would you say to him?

Perry: "I don't think I was expressing doubts. I was just having some fun with Donald Trump. So I...

Adam: Are you comfortable that he's an American citizen?

Perry: "Oh yeah. It's fun to... ya know lighten up a little bit.. "

Adam: So you have no doubt he's an American citizen?

Perry: "I have no doubt about it. But here's the more interesting thing. Let's lay out our income taxes. Let's lay our our college transcripts. Mine's been on the front page of the paper. So if we're going to lay out all these things, let's lay them all out. So, whether it's college transcripts or income tax, lay them all out. Let the people take a look at them."

"I was just having some fun with Donald Trump." Hehehe indeedy, he sure knows some pretty famous people. Did he tell Donald Trump that he was having some fun with him, though? Because Donald Trump was busy doing other things while Rick Perry was supposedly making these jokes with him.

So now he wants the grades, and the income taxes. Obama releases his income tax returns each year, so there's another strike on Rick Perry's ability to think through anything before he says it. As for Obama's grades, hey, we'd be glad to publish those if anyone wants to leak them! Find some decent oppo guys already, Perry.

[Image via AP]