Facebook is getting complicated. The social network just introduced the category of "trusted friend," not to be confused with the prior categories of "close friends," "acquaintances," "restricted" buddies, and authorized stalkers. Trusted friends are like super-friends. They have special powers!

If you get locked out of your Facebook account, three to five "Trusted Friends" can send you access codes. Once you've assembled some magic number of these codes into Facebook Voltron the password system, you are allowed to rule Facebook for eternity get back into your account. The social network's escalating complexity is neatly understood with a glance at this maddeningly intricate diagram of Facebook security.

Facebook, which began as a crude, clumsy translation of complex human interactions to the binary internet, is slowly adding back in basic human nuance. Which is making it incredibly complicated. It used to be you needed to go to college to qualify for Facebook. Soon enough you'll need to go back for a graduate degree just to understand it.

[Image via Shutterstock]