This actor and his wife are obsessed with naked ice-skating. This macho actor has a thing for women's panties. And this actor is sleeping with two of his "sisters." It's chilly today—perfect nude ice-skating weather.

1. "This B/C list actor from mostly an action genre is happily married to his wife. Our source says it's because the two have developed a strange fetish that involves figure skating… naked. As in they coordinate a routine and everything, sans the sparkly outfits. You can't make this stuff up." [Buzzfoto]

2."This actor is a macho-looking guy on the outside, but there's something interesting going on underneath the surface. He's not interested in wearing dresses or makeup or jewelry or heels like a woman, but there is one woman's garment to which he is very partial. Black microfiber hi-cut panties, size 7. He likes the support they provide for his manly bits. And, yes, his wife knows. She's the one who buys them for him." [BlindGossip]


3. "Back in the day when the franchise first started filming, this actor was hooking up with this actress who played his sister. Well, what was not known at the time by that actress was that he was also hooking up with another of his sisters who we will call sister #2. Sister #1 disappeared from the picture at some point, but despite everything that has gone on with our actor and another actress from the movie, he keeps going back to sister #2. Apparently they got noise complaints last night in a European hotel because they were so loud in bed." [CDaN]