We're at the point in the presidential campaign where Herman Cain was supposed to be dropping out and having a nice, leisurely tour to promote his latest motivational book. And yet here he is having to give, and screw up, all of these national media interviews all the time, as the frontrunner. Some "supporters" those supporters are, giving him all of this support! It's time to "slow down," says his campaign.

Cain's many real or perceived gaffes over the last few weeks, including a comical inability to clarify his pro-life stance, a suggestion that he'd release all prisoners from Gitmo in a swap with Al Qaeda for one U.S. soldier, and the biggest one of all, allowing someone to smoke a cigarette in a campaign web video, are the result of him being too busy and not having a teleprompter (har har har), according to his spokesperson:

"We're trying to slow down a little bit, make sure he's rested, make sure he's focused," says J.D. Gordon, the campaign's vice president for communications. The goal is to achieve a "more deliberate pace…so we don't make those kinds of mistakes."

Gordon says his boss has been doing as many as seven or eight events a day, "and when you do that and don't use a Teleprompter, sometimes you can make a mistake… People understand he's not a career politician; he's very spontaneous, they know how fast he's going. People give him more leeway than they would someone who's in Congress or a governor."

Won't you love this, when he's president and fucking up important things 20 times a day, and the White House Press Secretary says "c'mon guys, you all know that he's not really a politician so it doesn't count"? The joke won't be on him.

[Image via AP]