How, big, grand, and downright awesome is the November issue of Rachel "Rachael" Ray's magazine, Every Day With Rachel "Rachael" Ray? So god damn awesome that they decided to charge subscribers double for it! From the NYT:

"It's our Biggest-Ever Thanksgiving Blowout!" the letter [to subscribers] began. Then came the bad news: "This edition is so big, in fact, that we are treating it as a special issue that will count toward two of your subscriber issues, so the duration of your subscription will be adjusted accordingly. We hope you will agree that it is well worth it."

Haha, well, we hope you will agree FUCK YOU. It's a funny thing, because this $10 bill I have is so big that I'm going to treat it as a $20 bill for the purpose of paying you. I hope you'll agree it's well worth it.

The bigger picture here is that if you subscribe to a magazine with Rachael Ray's name on the cover you deserve whatever you get.

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