Today we learned that the shock of hair that is Rick Perry is "a doer, not a talker"! Ah, the power and resonance of that phrase. It is only a matter of time before those immortal words wind up etched into the side of the McDonald's by your house. But what, we wonder, is it like to watch a genius at work? One commenter was privy to Rick's process.

From RenoMartini:

Rick sat at his desk, his fingers clenched around his pencil, tongue firmly thrusting from the side of his mouth, as he wrote.....the greatest speech ever. Chills of recognition shot down his spine—this, THIS is what it must have been like to write the Address at Gettysburg, or the Dream a Little Dream speech, amazing powerful words just flowing out of his fingers, like giggles from baby angels. Planting a period firmly at the end of the sentence, Rick held his paper up to read the world-changing words he had just put onto paper...."I'm a doer....not a talker...."

For a moment he had a flash of panic. Doer? Was it supposed to be Doer or Dewer, like the scotch....he quickly scanned the room for his trusty wait, the other one....Thesaurus? No, that just turns words into fancier words....Dictionary! There we go....and sure enough, just like Jesus predicted, "doer."

"I am a Dream....." Rick whispered to himself, as he smiled, promptly forgetting how the rest of that famous speech went. Something about the Washington monument and children and colors and whatever. He'd read it later. For now.....he had a speech to give.

Congrats, RenoMartini! Way to be a doer and a talker.

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