In fecal transplant therapy—also known as fecal bacteriotherapy—doctors take the poop of one person and stick it up the butt of another person. It's not for everyone! But it seems to be life-saving for people who suffer from Clostridium difficle, a disease you definitely don't want to get.

"When you're bleeding rectally for weeks on end, you have no choice but to think you're dying," says 33-year-old Jerry Grant, an upbeat-seeming Arizona man who recently shared with his local NBC affiliate the details of his personal poop switch saga. His symptoms, which—eh, let's just leave it at that—were so severe that Grant says he would have eaten poop just to repair himself. Luckily it didn't come to that. Mrs. Grant gave up a stool sample so that her husband didn't have to accept poop from a stranger, or go on the fecal black market.

Approximately 500,000 people are afflicted with this disease every year, so keep in mind that you could be next. Meantime, we're happy to hear that Grant is recuperating from all of his, erm, symptoms. Now go have that nutritious breakfast.

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