As we predicted, international man of mystery and leaky things Julian Assange has lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden, where the authorities still want to ask him some questions about those two alleged sexual assault incidents. Assange won't have to leave his adoptive party pad in Norwich just yet: his lawyers can appeal to the British Supreme Court, and this will require hearings that will delay Assange's actual extradition. But he's definitely running out of legal options—not that he'd ever admit it.

"No doubt there'll be many attempts made to try and spin these proceedings as they occurred today, but they are merely technical," Assange said on the High Court steps after hearing the news. People should visit his website to know "what's really going on in this case," he added. (But don't go over there yet, because he hasn't had time to update it and you don't want to embarrass him, do you?)

A new chapter in Assange's legal journey must begin with a new hairstyle, and so he's let his silvery locks grow out a bit longish in the back. Will he go floppy again, or is this current 'do just the result of a missed monthly barber's appointment? Personally we preferred the 1.0 version, which was similar up top but shorter and tidier in the back.

[LA Times, image via AP]