Technology might be democratizing information, but it hasn't ended the power of old money. Witness David Tisch, who jumped into tech investing with remarkably little experience under his belt. You might think his young, moneyed start had something to do with the $70 billion family business his grandfather built, but no! Tisch made his seed capital "from life." Listen and learn.

When asked by BetaBeat where he got the money to launch his improbable career as a tech investor, the managing director of incubator Techstars, and star of the eponymous cable reality show, said:

"From life... I made the money doing a lot of different things. I bought stock when I was younger. I took my bar mitzvah money. I sold baseball cards on eBay and AOL. I played poker. I had an ability to take risks with money I'd made from being in a fortunate situation, so I decided that that was something I was going to spend my money on."

What, your life wasn't so generous? You weren't investing in the eBay IPO as a teenager? You're not in the "bro network for investors," as a New York tech founder put it? Rough break, man. But, hey, you can still be a user of the startups that will make Tisch (even more) rich, like GroupMe, his joint with Ashton Kutcher. That's the order favored by the Universe, apparently.

[Photo, left, via Guest of a Guest. Photo, right, via Business Insider]