Every so often, New York City gets a new Subway Hero. Usually, it's some dude who, at great peril to himself, jumps onto the tracks to rescue someone who's fallen down there. But that's been done. Let's give it up for the latest subway hero: the Groper Smacker!

Shyane DeJesus, a 22 year-old City College senior, tells the New York Post what she did after some dude snuck up next to her on the Union Square subway platform one morning last month and began groping and rubbing on her:

"I ran up to him. I kicked him in the face. I was just punching him..He went on the train and sat down as if nothing happened. I was hysterical. I yelled that he just groped me. I literally started punching him in the head," she said...

After she was done, DeJesus shouted at her attacker, "Don't you ever!"

Then she took the motherfucker's picture! To recap: after being sexually assaulted on a subway platform, Shyane Dejesus followed her attacker onto the train, kicked and punched him in the face, and took his picture for police. The man hasn't been caught yet, but you can see his picture here. (His face may be a little busted up, after being smacked around by the woman he decided to grope.)

Shyane DeJesus, you are New York City's very latest Subway Hero. We salute you.

[NYP. Photo: Shutterstock]