No law enforcement agency in the world is better than our own FBI when it comes to thwarting terror plots that never would have come to fruition anyhow, because they consisted mainly of pitiful people sitting around boasting to FBI informants. The latest triumph by our domestic anti-terror heroes: saving America from a bunch of old Georgia loons who sat around the Waffle House talking about their big assassination ideas.

Yes, four old, retiree-aged men reportedly sympathetic to the idiot hick group The Georgia Militia have been arrested by a huge team of federal agents who swooped down upon the men's dirt road hideaways to thwart their burgeoning chemical bomb factories:

For evidence, investigators pulled from along the driveway a few dozen castor bean plants that they believe were to be the raw material for the biological toxin ricin, which can be fatal if ingested even in small doses.

Mr. Adams last year had planted some in his mother's yard to help keep the moles away, and had offered some to the neighbors as an ornamental plant.

ALERT: OLD GEORGIA MAN GROWS BEANS. If you go into any god damn Waffle House in rural Georgia, I guarantee you will find an identical group of old men sitting around drinking coffee and talking about how government employees should be assassinated along with NObama and probably some uppity negroes and the Democratic fella from the teevee, blah blah blah. Should they all be arrested? As a native Floridian, I say: yes, along with everyone else in Georgia. They're all terrible drivers.

Never Forget.