This MTV reality star says that "it's not gay if someone else is doing the sucking." This Real Housewife lets her dog poop in stores. This couple is about to divorce, and this TV star is known as "Kinky Katie." Does that mean she likes same-sex loving too?

1. "Which Jersey Shore star is fond of saying, 'It is not gay if someone else is doing the sucking,' whenever he is questioned about some of the people he has gone out with." [CDaN]

2. "Which 'Bravo Housewife' is known for letting her precious little pooch poop inside swanky Neiman Marcus department stores? The annoyed staff have been given strict orders to bite their tongues because the classy lady drops a pretty penny on designer duds!" [National Enquirer]

3. "Which high-profile - and blond - couple will be the next to announce a split? He's an older, accomplished actor, while she's young and less experienced. The pair shocked Tinseltown with their secret marriage just two years ago." [Blind Gossip]

4. "What former ABC prime time star has a kinky side that borders on the disgusting? The brunette beauty's fondness for her filthy fetish was so well known among her former crew and cast mates that they nicknamed her 'Kinky Katie!'" [National Enquirer]

5. "This New York-born R&B diva went from dirt poor to living large, but she's now worried about her dwindling bank account. The Grammy-winner is desperate for another hit album so she can get her life back on track! Who is she?" [National Enquirer]

6. "What former A-/B+ list female rocker, recently asked this former A list movie actor and now a solid B if she could borrow $100K from him. The funny thing is even though she asked him for this money she had not said or spoken to the actor in almost five years and only a handful of times since they co-starred in a movie together. They reunite and speak for a little while and in an hour she is asking for $100K. He said he would need to talk to his people. I hope he did not give her his phone number." [CDaN]

7. "Which soon-to-be divorced superstar is fond of complaining of the rigors of motherhood, but in fact has recruited full-time baby sitters? The all-around entertainer rarely holds her tots unless a camera is nearby ready to capture the moment!" [National Enquirer]

8. "Which womanizing former action star helped pick his current leading lady because of her strong resemblance to a much-younger version of his soon-to-be ex-wife? The over-the-hill actor's return to the big screen is being watched very carefully by Hollywood insiders who think his film career is over." [National Enquirer]