About 20 to 30 activists with the group OurDC have boldly taken things straight to the dark heart of American politics: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's office, which they have Occupied.

You can watch them politely sitting in chairs, or on the floor, in this video they shot. Roll Call describes the situation: "Clad in T-shirts with slogans communicating a demand for jobs, some of the protesters filled their time talking on cellphones. A few even appeared to be napping." Oh, those lazy bum protesters!

The protesters are "refusing to leave until McConnell grants them a face-to-face meeting" about the president's jobs bill, which McConnell, shockingly, does not support. We hope they're safe in there. Mitch McConnell is an evil genius, perhaps even a dark wizard. He'll walk into his office, and the lights will dim. All of Capitol Hill will feel a chill. Suddenly, a huge flash will be seen in the hallway, coming from under the door. When someone rushes in to see what happened, McConnell will be there, all alone, sitting in the receptionist's chair, staring out the window. When asked what happened to all the protesters, McConnell will be silent for 30 seconds before swivelling his chair around. "What ever could you be talking about?" he'll say, with that knowing grin of his.