Today we were saddened by the news that Hollywood's days are numbered. Ryan Seacrest, a renowned lover of vaginas the world over, is in talks to produce a film. The entertainment industry is simply not built for such a horror show and Hollywood will burn straight to the ground. But what will Hollywood's last flick be about? And who will star in it? One commenter has seen a spec script.

From unclevanya:

I hear the script is about a blonde singer-dancer (Laura Bell Bundy) who is tiring of her role as beard to a closeted and shallow but mega-rich Hollywood power player (Thomas Haden Church), while also having to deal with her closeted dancer-actor brother (Chord Overstreet) and his succession of female celebrity beards, as well as her brother's moody Ukrainian dancer rival (Cheyenne Jackson) whose acerbic comments in the press threaten to uncover everyone's secrets.
It is, of course, entirely fictional.

It's nice that Hollyweird has decided to go out with such an imaginative portrayal of one of its' most celebrated set of straight teeth.

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