Safe House already looks like it would give me a headache and I don't even know anything about it yet. Well, hardly anything about it yet. Still, I don't think I want to, right? Right.

Denzel and Ryan are two actors that have two characters: funny Denzel and serious Denzel, and funny Ryan and trying to be serious but still being funny so he's not too serious Ryan. They are both playing serious here, which only means one thing: this will be funny. It's the international law of camp. Denzel plays a rouge CIA agent and Ryan plays some stupid guy who's trying to further his career by bringing him in. Of course it's all a shadowy conspiracy and by the end we'll find out that Denzel is really a good guy and that Ryan is only getting close to him because he thinks that he has to help him fight off vampires. It opens in February, so we have until then to parse it.