In a brand-new blockbuster ad—titled "High Tech Lynching," in a nod to legendary American victim-of-libruls Clarence Thomas—supporters of Ann Coulter Academy of Superior Blackness graduate Herman Cain rail against all the imaginary sexual harassment allegations their man has been facing in the wake of lying litigant-to-be(?) Politico's lie-filled reports.

Created by the 9-9-9 Fund, the ad—whose graphics wouldn't look out of place in an early 1990s-era instructional video on how to safely operate a cement truck (I'd suggest that Mark Block helped make them, but they're smoke-free)—reiterates how Cain is just like Thomas: a conservative black man whom the Left seeks to destroy by refusing to dismiss outright any sexual harassment claims made against him, or overlook the settlements he paid. It also stars pretty much all of America's worst black people ever, including Al Sharpton, Occupy Wall Street supporter Cornel West and meditating Cain critic Harry Belafonte (who are only jealous of Cain because they flunked out of the Coulter school and never made it as far in life).

[9-9-9 Fund, YouTube]