Remember that time you spotted Ryan Reynolds lunching at Da Silvano and you leapt behind a hedge like a full-on paparazzo and snapped a truly incognito (meaning painfully obvious) photo of him spooning a large pile of linguini into his oh-so-handsome mouth? Then, after you outran restaurant security, you posted your masterpiece online in seconds causing a flutter of social media envy amongst your friends and followers? But...what if in addition to this heroic work, you could have sent your photo directly to your printer, so that, by the time you got home, a glossy 8x10 of your dear Double R was waiting for you? True heaven.

Well, Kodak has made that final scenario possible. With one scan of a Microsoft Tag (seen above), you can import the email address of your Hero All-in-One Inkjet Printer directly to your mobile device. And, then, with Kodak's Email Print Service, all the photos you take—even ones that people send you—can be printed out remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Finally, you don't need a desktop to print. All together now: whooooooo!

Click here to find out more about the Kodak Hero All-in-One Inkjet printers and their email print service. The world needs you to keep making it a better place with your original celebrity-focused photographic masterworks.