Today we learned that Texas Rep. Larry Taylor is no friend of the Jews. While it is definitely not okay for anyone, let alone a public figure with a moderate amount of power to be making these kind of comments, at least good ol' Lar realized his mistake and feigned some backpedaling. This was not the case for one commenter and a very educated co-worker.

From ArgusRun:

So... Cool story time.
When I was 19, I was an assistant manager at a grill and bar style restaurant in central Pennsylvania. One day one of the waitresses comes up to me in a huff and said, "That guy that just left Jewed me!"
Having never heard the word Jew used as a verb before, I replied, "He jewed you?"
'Yeah he jewed me! Didn't leave a tip."
"Oh he stiffed you. I get it. See here's the thing. I'm Jewish."
"It's not offensive, it's just slang."
"No. It is offensive. I'm not personally offended, but really. Don't use that term again."
A week later she does it again. I patiently explain again how it really is an offensive term, and while I'm not taking it personally, she should really not say it.
It happens a third time. By this point, I've lost my patience. "Seriously you have to stop it. I can't be any clearer."
"Oh come on. It's just a term we use out here. It's not meant to be offensive. It's like nigger-rigged."
"You know, like when you fix something with duct tape and shit."
"Oh my god. That's even worse. Just go back to saying Jewed."

TGIF, you guys. Let's keep it PC this weekend, shall we?

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