Maybe you were swamped at the office this week and couldn't check your favorite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you're about to go back to work and could use one last distraction. Whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best videos we watched during the week that was.

Andy Rooney's Best Essays on Technology

Last night, at the age of 92, writer, producer and commentator Andy Rooney passed away after complications from minor surgery. While his career spanned more than sixty years, Rooney is best known for his essays and commentaries at the end of CBS' 60 Minutes every week. View »

Alex Trebek Suggests Jeopardy Contestant Is Kinky After She Provides This Sexy Wrong Response

Kara Spak is a reporter for Chicago's Sun-Times, but she turned a September Jeopardy! appearance into a side career when she won five straight games and pocketed $85,401. But then... View »

Mario Batali Hates Dr. Oz's Daughter

There's one reason to watch The Chew, and that's to see Mario Batali thinly veil his utter contempt for co-host Daphne Oz (daughter of Dr. Oz) and her privileged, vegetarian ways with some of the best passive-aggressive behavior on television.View »

The Craziest Battlefield 3 Strategies We've Seen So Far

In warfare there are the tried and true methods of combat, the time-tested techniques that are proven to bring success over your adversaries. View »

Michael Bay's Need For Speed: The Run trailer is awesome

Yes, that's correct - Michael Bay is no longer just content with destroying our cineplexes, childhood memories, and Chevrolet commercials (strangely, all three types of destruction intersect in the Transformers franchise) with his brand of "Awesome." View »

The Sexiest Girls-Only Picnic Of All Time

This video by all-girl comedy troupe The Get Go does its best to disprove the "sexy fantasies" and food fights that seem to only exist in the imaginations of stereotypical men in movies. View »

Hero in Elmo Shirt Goes Off on 'Fat, Lazy, Non-Relevant' Reporter

KRON-TV's Stanley Roberts hosts a show called People Behaving Badly. He went from onlooker to participant recently when he incurred the wrath of this man, who wanted nothing to do with Roberts and his "fat, lazy, non-relevant, non-factor ass." View »

Watch Surfers Ride Waves Like the Bullet Time Scenes from the Matrix

Rip Curl and TimeSlice Films filmed surfers riding real waves with 30 GoPro HD cameras and created an effect very similar to the Bullet Time sequences in The Matrix. View »

Erin Andrews Struggles With Math Concepts

Erin Andrews made a trip to Baton Rouge and toured LSU's football facilities as part of ESPN's "SEC All-Access series. As you might expect, it's not exactly hard-hitting. View »

If You Have Two iPad 2s, Here's an Easy Halloween Costume That'll Blow Everyone Away

This reader, Mark, is a pretty bright guy-he's literally a rocket scientist, working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., where he's spent six years helping to design the Mars Science Laboratory launching next month. View »

The Gayest Moments from Rick Perry's New Hampshire Speech

Masculine heterosexual presidential candidate Rick Perry gave the keynote speech on Friday at Cornerstone Policy Research's annual Steward of the Family Banquet in New Hampshire, and he got a little jazz-handsy! View »

Do you need a reliable and sexy vehicle to get you to the Renaissance Fair?

Are you a recent graduate? Are you underemployed? Do you need a reliable and sexy vehicle to get you to the Renaissance Fair? How about a 2000 Toyota Corolla in grandmother white? View »

Timberlake and Fallon Bring Us 'The History Of Rap, Part 3'

The stars aligned this past Friday night when Justin Timberlake and the host of Late Night came together for a third time to perform another installment of "The History Of Rap." View »

How the Hell Did We Get to Seven Billion Humans In Just 200 Years?

In 1804 we were one billion humans in this planet. Now we are seven billion. How the hell did we grew so much is so little time? This video by National Public Radio has the answer. View »

Watch Britney Spears Straddle Joe Jonas in Concert Striptease

Britney Spears spent Halloween night performing a concert at London's Wembley Arena with Joe Jonas, whom she recently signed on to the European leg of her Femme Fatale Tour. And whom she straddled awkwardly! View »

The Facial Expression On The World's Fastest Jump Roper Is Gold

There's really nothing to say here besides what's in the headline. The video speaks for itself. View »

Character Creation Is Back and Better Than Ever in Soulcalibur V

My favorite feature of Soulcalibur IV was the ability to create my own custom characters and see how they fare on the stage of history. Judging by this trailer and these new screens, it'll probably be my favorite feature of Soulcalibur V as well. View »

$300,000 Ferrari FF catches fire during test drive

There's been some debate as to whether the three-door, AWD Ferrari FF hatchback was a proper Ferrari. The debate is over. One of the $300,000 cars caught fire and burned to the ground during a test drive. View »

Fox & Friends Shocked That 11-Year-Old Justin Bieber Could Impregnate Someone

Fox & Friends co-host and celebrated public intellectual Brian Kilmeade could barely catch his breath today, as he shared the hot new rumor about Justin Bieber impregnating a lady. View »

Scary-Good TV: The Best Halloween Specials Ever

Halloween: The time of year when all your favorite TV characters don crazy costumes and become involved in totally nonsensical plots, just for the sake of a holiday-themed episode. View »

Watch a Music Video of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now" Hilariously Made with MS Paint

Tell me the first thing that pops in your head when I say: yellow bottle sipping, shit look like a toupee and suicide doors. Got it? Now watch this MS Paint-created music video of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now". View »

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer: This is it

Four years after we were all introduced to GTA IV, Rockstar Games has unveiled this trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Our first thought on this one-minute-and-24-second-trailer? View »

Stephen Colbert Mocks Rush Limbaugh's Selective Racism

On tonight's Report, Stephen Colbert sifted through the latest developments in the Herman Cain scandal, including claims by Rush Limbaugh that the whole thing is nothing more than a racist attack on Cain perpetrated by bigoted liberals. View »

Watch Tim Tebow Get Tebowed By The Man Who Sacked Him

Here's Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch taking Tebowing meta, striking the pose over Tim Tebow's prone body after sacking the Broncos quarterback in the first quarter of their matchup in Denver. View »

Watch This Dam Explosion Free the White Salmon River

Like a spring snake being released from its canned prison, the White Salmon River in Washington State was freed after the 98 year old Condit Dam was dramatically breached with explosives last week. View »

Why Video Games Work Better Without Narration

Charming RPG Bastion had some gorgeous visuals, yeah, but it's going to be remembered more for its novel use of narration than anything else. View »

Jon Stewart: Cain Is Creepy, Perry's Just Drunk

Over the weekend, we learned that Herman Cain faced accusations of sexual harassment while heading the National Restaurant Association in the '90s. We also saw video of a possibly inebriated (and pretty fey) Rick Perry delivering a bizarre speech in New Hampshire. Take it away, Jon Stewart! View »