In case you missed this story from last Friday, it will start your week off on an inspirational note: the security camera video above shows Luis Rosales robbing a Los Angeles hotel—and then running into Brent Alvarez and Billy Denney, two MMA fighters who just arrived in town for a fight tournament. A group hug of crime-fighting ensued! The LAT reports:

A former hip-hop club bouncer, Alvarez said that 10 years of training in self-defense and defusing conflict kicked in. The suspect didn't seem to want to hurt them, either, Alvarez said, but kept insisting he did it for his daughter.

The man begged to be released so he could kiss the daughter one last time.

"He wasn't trying to punch us; he just seemed like someone who had run out of options," Alvarez said Friday evening. "I think back now and wonder what the hell was I doing? I should of hit him and knocked him out."

That guy had a gun! What was that even about?

Anyhow, love does exist in this blackhearted world.