Looks like the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is spreading! To a spot about 75 below the Tappan Zee bridge, where a gentleman named Michael Davitt was dangling for a few hours on Monday, complete with an incomprehensible sign.

Davitt, admittedly, isn't actually protesting greed and corruption the way the Wall Street occupiers are. No, he's got a much more personal, and, it would seem, rather more crazy set of hobby-horses; apparently, Davitt has been protesting outside the Rockland County legislature "on and off" since 2008, when he was laid off from his job as a substance abuse counsellor. Fired why? Given the nature of his protest you might be able to guess:

"He wasn't able to perform his essential job functions, Levine said. "He's a troubled individual."

His handmade blue banner with yellow lettering read in part "Rockland Executive Legislature Cover Up Retaliation."

The rest was unreadable.

Davitt lasted about three hours, falling into the water, where he was pulled into a rescue boat, around 2 p.m.