Our brothers and sisters on Wall Street stand in solidarity with you, Rest of America: they're going to take a huge pay cut this year. Huge! Probably bigger than your entire measly little salary. From Dealbook:

Wall Street bonuses are set to fall by an average of 20 to 30 percent this year from a year ago, according to a closely watched compensation survey. It would be the weakest bonus season since the financial crisis and a reflection of the leaner times confronting the industry.

Leaner times! Cutting back! More steak, less prime rib! Wall Street does not care to hear any more socialist whining about "shared sacrifice," okay? Average compensation per employee (from the janitors on up) at major Wall Street firms last year was $141,000. Thirty percent of that is over $42K. (The drop is in bonuses, which often make up the majority of compensation.) Pretty sure that's more than everything you make, bro! So don't tell Wall Street about "sacrifice!" Everyone on Wall Street has just personally sacrificed the price of a tricked-out new C-class Benz, bro!

Of course last year was the highest level of Wall Steet pay in history. And CEOs still seem to be making out okay. But still. C-class, bro.

[Photo: AP]