It looks like Madonna's new single, "Give Me All Your Love," leaked on the internet today, a few months ahead of schedule. It's not the worst thing, because the song really rocks.

As a long-time fan of Madonna (the second coming of Judy Garland and the first coming of Lady Gaga) and a card-carrying homosexual, I'm more than a little bit biased, but I would buy her upcoming album based on the strength of this song alone (you can listen to it below). OK, I would have bought it anyway, but now I'm really excited for it.

Sure there's a bit of the kitchen sink in the William Orbit track. It starts with some "Oh Mickey You're So Fine" spelling (didn't Gwen Stefani do this already) and devolves into some crazy 8-bit arcade theme music nonsense, but everything in between is catchy pop magic. It's the kind of thing that you can see playing in the best video montage of a movie about a smart girl who gets the guy and the great career all at once. I don't know how to describe how that sounds, but there you go. I would love to say that it's classic Madonna, except it's really not. It has a little tinge of "Ray of Light" about it (it is William Orbit after all) but it's a rethought, reimagined dance song. There's nothing more classic Madonna than finding yet another way to retool her image.

As Billboard points out the leak might speed up the plans to officially release the song, possibly as soon as later today or some time this week. The original plan was for her album to come out this spring and this song to precede it by a month or so, possibly in time for her Super Bowl half time show. Sure, it may be a long time before the album comes out, but I'll be happy to start hearing this on repeat in every gay bar I walk into until April. Shit, that's going to happen if the Material Girl acknowledges this song or not, so she might as well cop to it.