You know what's more awesome than rabbit orgies? Commenting orgies—like the one we hold here each week when we watch Top Chef and live-blog it together! Our next bacchanal of banter is about to begin, so join us!

I don't actually know how awesome rabbit orgies are—you'd have to ask chef'testant (and possible furry) Dakota Weiss that, since she's the one who attested to the awesomeness such lupine love-fests during last week's episode. But I do know that our little happening is a hopping one! Here's how it works, if you haven't tried it before: You just turn on Top Chef (which starts at 10 pm Eastern on Bravo), grab your laptop or computer keyboard, and post a running commentary on the show in the comments section below this post. The rest of us will be doing it with you! What could be more simple?

Certainly not last week's episode, whose complex group-elimination format that it had us all scratching our heads. At every turn, chefs were getting eliminated and other chefs getting fitted for jackets—and then new chefs would appear that we hadn't seen before. Adding to the chaos were the constant references to "the bubble," some kind of spherical purgatory for borderline chefs who'll get a second chance tonight. If our only drinking-game rule had been that you had to drink whenever you heard the word "bubble," we'd all have been passed-out drunk by the end of the episode.

Fortunately, we didn't have that rule, so you all stayed conscious enough to post plenty of hilarious comments—a few of which I've collected here. Many commenters also came up with some memorable nicknames for the contestants, including:

  • "Diablo DaCody," commenter unclevanya's name for Dakota, based the actress she resembles.
  • "Six Eyes," which The_Obvious dubbed chef Chris Jones after he showed up two pairs of glasses on his head.
  • "Squash Blossom Head," commenter jelodi's name for chef Richie Farina and his odd, floppy mohawk.

And then there's "Ty-Lör Boring," which would be one of the best Top Chef nicknames ever, if it weren't for the fact that it's actually the guy's real name. And I think he's likely to be the only "Boring" thing on tonight's episode, because—based on the preview clips I saw—it looks like it's gonna be another frantic one. Here are a few things to watch for as we live-blog it:

  • We'll see more mass-elimination madness, with a group of new chefs and a batch of returning "bubble" chefs all computing for—I think—five final spots. But I could be wrong about any or all of that, because I'm still confused as hell by all of this.
  • Some guy named Edward Lee will say, "I'm ready to kill the other people to get in that jacket." Maybe we should nickname him "Edward Lee Harvey Oswald"?
  • Later, we'll see the same Edward with his hand covered in blood. Lots of blood. So much blood! Did he make good on his promise and kill for a jacket? Stick around and find out!

Ok, it's almost 10 and this bunny hop is about to begin, so I'm gonna head down to the comments. I'll see you there!