Maybe you were swamped at the office this week and couldn't check your favorite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you're about to go back to work and could use one last distraction. Whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best videos we watched during the week that was.

The Most Potent Orgy of Nostalgia I've Ever Seen

Did you watch a lot of movies in the '80's and '90's? If the answer is yes, you need to go home, put this video on the largest screen you have, and take this amazing trip down memory lane.
Skinemax, by Smash TV is a gorgeous montage of movies from your past set to set to some head-nodding beats. View »

This is the World You'll Be Fighting to Save in Skyrim

There's so much I want to show you folks in The Elder Scrolls V, but I can't; not yet, at least. In the meantime, here's an official Bethesda look at the people and places of Skyrim. View »

Dish-Washing Dancer Boy Possibly Hates His Dad Right Now

We wouldn't be surprised if Frankie-the impressively coordinated, dishwasher-loading young dancer seen here-now wants to ground his father until the end of time for revealing his Michael Jackson moves to the YouTubeniverse. View »

Courtney Stodden Has Breasts Expertly Examined To Prove She Is Rilly Rill

How many times has Courtney Stodden claimed that her body is "really real"? Maybe the same number of times she's licked her lips in an interview. But this afternoon, Courtney and hubby Doug appeared on Dr. View »

Watch this ridiculously smug Prius driver yell at a pickup truck owner

Making assumptions about a person by the car they drive or whom they vote for is, no doubt, mostly bullshit. And yet, stereotypes exist for a reason. View »

LSU Tramples Own Mascot Before Taking On Alabama

Pssst. Mike the Tiger. Look out! Poor Mike the Tiger, not that mascots are particularly deserving of respect-especially when the same school has a live, actual tiger for which you're just an avatar. View »

Watch a Streaker Upstage Hayden Panettiere at the MTV EMAs

The MTV Europe Music Awards took place today in Belfast, Northern Ireland. One thing EMA viewers didn't see coming was the completely naked man who rushed the stage during a presentation by Hayden Panettiere. View »

After Eating One of the World's Hottest Peppers, You Will Hallucinate and Say Crazy Shit

NPR producer Marshall Terry went to Rock Hill, SC for a story on a pepper up for consideration as the world's hottest by the Guinness Book of World Records. View »

Minecraft Gets the FreddieW Treatment on YouTube

Filmmaker extraordinaire Freddie Wong's managed to capture a devoted following on YouTube, thanks to the hilarious, high-quality video game-centric shorts he's been behind. View »

Nene And Sheree Refuse To Work Things Out In Four-Way Phone Call Battle Royale

In the time that's passed since we last saw our Real Housewives of Atlanta, a lot has happened: Kandi has a new luxury sex toy line, Phaedra's working at a funeral home, Kim has a new man and a bun in the oven (more in this later) and everybody is pissed at Nene for letting her new-found fame from... View »

Watch Rick Perry's Campaign Explode in an Excruciating Brain Fart

Here's Texas Governor Rick Perry, distinguishing himself once again at Wednesday night's CNBC debate:
"I will tell you, it is three agencies of government when I get there that are gone. View »

Watch a driver win a race while his Lamborghini's on fire

Tasmanian driver Jason White needed to make up four seconds on the final stage of the Targa High Mountain, so when his brand new Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale burst into flames halfway through the final lap he just pressed on, driving like a man on fire... View »

You Will Never Be As Excited About Anything As A HS Football Announcer Is About This Field Goal

The big Marist/St. Patrick game came down to the final second. We presume all of Chicago stopped what they were doing and pulled their cars off the road to watch a field goal try for the win. View »

Surfing a Massive 90-Foot Wave to Claim the World Record

Apparently born without a sense of fear, Garrett McNamara just broke the world record for Largest Wave Surfed by successfully navigating this 90-foot wall of watery death. View »

Katy Perry Plays Regretful Old Spinster in New Video

She's been an alien, a nerd, the princess of Candyland, and with the video for her latest single, "The One That Got Away," Katy Perry plays a sad, wrinkly old grey version of herself reflecting on a passionate relationship gone sour. View »

Watch Someone Dive From a Jet And Climb Into a Midair Helicopter In Battlefield 3

Can you shoot someone in the head with a tank? Is it possible to jump from a jet and wrestle your way into a flying helicopter? Can a jeep safely drive over your prone form? View »

The Dude From Continues To Lead In Delusional Asshattery

Nik Richie, founder of, appeared on Anderson Cooper's daytime show this afternoon to argue his case one more time about how he's not doing anything wrong by posting sleazy photos of women on his website. View »

Watch this 230-ton Airbus A330 stop in midair for a few seconds

This is what happens when a 230-ton Airbus A330 has the right angle of attack, the right low speed and the right amount of head wind: it gets suspended in the middle of the sky for a few seconds. View »

Occupiers Run Michele Bachmann Offstage

The Occupy people took to the high seas for some mischief today. 'Twas aboard the USS Yorktown where they found Michele Bachmann, who was delivering a big foreign policy speech to god knows who. View »

Louis C.K. Hates Smartphones, and So Should You

Louis C.K. may have a deep appreciation for cell phones and what they're capable of, but that doesn't mean he has to like them. In fact, if this clip from Thursday night's Conan is any indication, he absolutely hates them. View »

Now This Is How Copy Protection Should be Done, People

In their attempts to thwart pirates, most PC publishers end up pissing off paying customers with intrusive or bothersome DRM. All, that is, except for Bohemia Interactive, who the likes of EA and Ubisoft could learn a thing or two from. View »

Swedish Hockey Player Snaps Stick On Breakaway, Improbably Scores Anyway

Jonte Berg is a winger for Västerås, in the second-highest tier of Swedish hockey. As he got set on a breakaway last night against Malmö , the last thing on his mind was that his stick might snap. View »

Yale Quarterback Faces Worst White Boy Dilemma Ever

Yale University quarterback Patrick Witt is "every inch the football hero," "a contender for the NFL draft," "the most accurate passer in Yale history." He is also very smart, with a 3.91 GPA and a shot at the Rhodes Scholarship. And he is troubled. View »

Rude, Nutsack-Obsessed Dude Can't Figure Out Why He's Still Single

Meet O'Neal, a native New Yorker who describes himself as "the black Brad Pitt," but gets with chicks by speaking in a sexually suggestive way. He says he hasn't been on more than three actual dates because he generally sleeps with women without any dates, and cannot stop talking about his... View »

Watch a Volvo wagon blow the doors off a Ferrari 458 Italia

A short list of things we'll never tire of: a glass of fine whiskey, the music of John Coltrane, the company of an intelligent woman, watching an old Volvo wagon outrun a Ferrari at a Swedish air force base. View »

Watch a Guy Magically Balance 3000 Coins on Top of a Single Dime

I don't know how this guy managed to build a 3,118 coin coin tower on top of a single dime on the corner of a table but boy did he do it. It took him 7 hours, over 200 dollars in change plus some presumably insane weed smoking to pull it off. View »