If you've been hoping to buy a Rocawear "Occupy All Streets" t-shirt so that label founder Jay-Z could finally afford a durable blue tarp of his own, you're out of luck: The shirts are no longer for sale on Rocawear.com.

The disappearance of the $22 shirts comes just days after we learned that none of the proceeds from shirt sales would benefit the Occupy movement. Maybe Jay-Z and the Rocawearers realized that making money off of the coughing, diseased masses (Zuccotti Lung is the silicosis of the 21st century) without donating as much as $100 for some super-duper economy-sized bag of Halls for them to share was perhaps in poor taste, and decided to pull the shirts off the website. Or maybe he didn't want any snotty-nosed protesters to Occupy Rocawear's headquarters, or was afraid of becoming an Anonymous target, or wanted to set a proper example for his fetus.

[Animal New York. Image via Rocawear]