Colorado cowboy hat-wearer David Scott says his stepbrother became addicted to meth after smoking it from one of those glass pipes with the crazy psychedelic swirls in them. So he recently smashed a bunch of similar pipes to take a stand and protest how such pipes "are ruining people's lives."

Did his destructive act end meth use in his town forever? It did not. But it did get him banned forever from Sherry's Market, the convenience store whose pipes he smashed, and brought him some legal troubles. It's legal to sell glass pipes in Colorado to anyone who's 18, but it's not legal to barge into people's convenience stores and destroy their property, so Scott was charged with criminal mischief. Sherry's employee Irving Payne says "he essentially wasted his and our time and that's all he accomplished."

In the end, the only statement Scott effectively made was "I'm not a strategic thinker." He also seems to be thinking far too narrowly, given that almost everything sold at your typical convenience store has the potential to ruin people's lives. Cigarettes cause lung cancer. Those funky hot pocket-y deals that are always spinning around inside the rotisserie ovens cause ... stomach cancer, probably. Candy causes obesity. Sugary drinks cause diabetes. Peanuts cause allergic reactions. Basically, you go to convenience stores to fill up your gas tank, use the restroom, win the lottery, and to contribute to your own slow death. They're microcosms of American life, essentially. [Channel 9]