Before yesterday's Battle of Spartanburg—aka "another goddamn Republican presidential debate"—Michele Bachmann's campaign intercepted a terrible email from a CBS staffer stating that Bachmann wouldn't be asked as many questions as the other clownidates because she's polling at four percent and will lose. Vulgarity ensued.

The terrible offending evil-mail was written by CBS News political director John Dickerson to a fellow CBS staffer who'd fielded an interview request from Bachmann's campaign. Dickerson didn't realize that Bachmann's spokeswoman was being cc'ed when he responded that sure, an interview was possible, but "let's keep it loose though since she's not going to get many questions and she's nearly off the charts in the hopes that we can get someone else." Bachmann's spokeswoman saw Dickerson's email, went "oooooooh," then forwarded the message to Bachmann, who proclaimed it "an example of media bias."

But those weren't the strongest words to issue forth from the Bachmannites, CNN reports:

Furious with Dickerson's response, Bachmann's campaign manager Keith Nahigian stormed through the spin room, where he said, "John Dickerson should be fired. He is a piece of shit. He is a fraud and he should be fired."

Should John Dickerson be waterboarded? Someone help me decide. Meanwhile, Bachmann just became the Ralph Nader of this election.

[CNN. Image via AP]