This Twilight star is trying to hide her pregnancy until after the premiere. This actress helped out a crew member in need, another actress lived in a shit-stained apartment, and a reality star is helping these three gay actors stay in the closet. That's nothing. It's easier to hide a man's sexual orientation than a baby bump!

1. "This Twilight actress is telling friends she is pregnant and desperately trying to hide it for a few more weeks." [CDaN]

2. "This C List actress with an upcoming role in a film that could potentially make her B+, heard about the trouble a crew member on set was experiencing. His wife of only a few months was diagnosed with cancer and has a long list of treatments ahead of her. The actress had never personally spoken with the crew member before, but after finding out about his problems, put money down on a nice apartment (for an entire year!) for the couple, that is very close to the hospital." [BuzzFoto]

3. "This former B+ list television actress from a very hit teen drama type show and now pretty much always unemployed but still pap worthy when spotted actress faced a $10,000 cleaning bill when she recently left her apartment in the middle of a lease. She could not afford to pay the lease and owed the cleaning bill because apparently she could not be bothered to ever take her dog outside and was very bad at cleaning the messes up." [CDaN]

4. "This female reality star was at a party with a number of closeted gay actors recently. What the rest of the guests didn't know was that four people were going to be staging a little play starring the reality star and three of the actors. The objective was to get the guests to buy into the drama and feed the story to the tabloids. The 'story,' approved by their publicists, was that the reality babe was dating a hunky actor, and that the actor's television costar—along with the costar's boyfriend—were quite vocal about the relationship. The reality star and the three closeted gay actors all played their roles to the hilt, and the story did wind up in the tabloids. What is still unclear, though, is whether it was a one-time publicity stunt, or if the reality star‘s convincing performance has secured her a longer-term gig as a paid beard." [Blind Gossip]

5. "This up and coming just about A list R&B singer either needs to head for rehab or get clean. She is out of control and spending almost $2500 a day on her drug habit." [CDaN]

6. "This former tween television actress on the Mickey Mouse network has been in this space before because she is passed around like candy between hip hop artists. Now though she has been passed to a Saudi prince who had a crush on her during her Mouse days and pays her a fortune to be with him." [CDaN]