The Hunger Games: See What All the Hype Is About

Before the movie even began filming there was talk of The Hunger Games all over Twitter, at middle school lunch tables, and on the cover of what seems like a zillion issues of Entertainment Weekly. The first trailer even got a premiere on Good Morning America today. What's the big deal?

Well, with no more gold to mine from lightning-faced-phantom Harry Potter and Twilight ending it's Mormon cult hold over the collective imagination, the young people (and pop culture hounds) of this country need a piece of juvenile literature to fixate on. Hence, The Hunger Games, a trilogy of novels set in a post-Apocalyptic future where teens must fight to the death in an American Idol-esque competition. OK, that actually sounds pretty rad.

Based on the trailer for the first movie, it looks pretty fun: part stark dreariness, part neon-glow futurism, part action adventure, and part Jennifer Lawrence winning our hearts killing things just like she did in Winter's Bone. I sort of wanted to be able to ignore this as more pop fluff but it actually looks like something I would really be into. Damn you, Hunger Games, why do you make me believe the hype.