1. "Sweaty guy in suit and neon vest ripping off signs: 'I've been waiting a long time to do this.'" [@JoshHarkinson]

2. "NYPD are dragging people by their hair on their faces" [@MotormouthNews]

3. "Wall Street made America a Third World country!" - Unidentified Female Protester

4. "Did you hear the message that Amy is almost here with a bunch of military tents? So by the time we all get out of jail— [transmission ends]" - Unidentified Female Protester

5. "I've almost been arrested now twice even though I have repeatedly presented my press badge. Tonight, Gotham is on lockdown." [@weeddude]

6. "I'm on Broadway and Houston heading to Church. Group of 40 heading southbound Church. Approaching Bond." [NYPD Manhattan Precincts 1-23 Feed]

7. "Overheard from cop: 'They've been violent against their own people.'" [@JoshHarkinson]

8. "wait. so i was right? ows is being raided? told yall! tryna make me think i was crazy! i knew i saw what i saw!"
[@questlove, after his 20 tweets warning protesters police were on the way went unheeded.]

9. "They're cutting down trees to move us out!" - Unidentified protesters

10. "Just overheard cops talking about the losers and faggots of the Occupy movement in Zuccotti. nice. #OWS" [@spatafora]

[Photo credit: Animal New York: "Here's the photo of Ray Kelly that prompted an officer to threaten me with arrest."]