What do you say to a harsh criticism from astronaut-hero Mark Kelly, husband of wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords? You can't call him a jerk or anything. He's astronaut-hero Mark Kelly, husband of wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords! You just have to take it. Hear that, John Boehner? You will just have to take it.

Kelly, according to The Hill, writes in his new book that Boehner hasn't been the friendliest colleague since Giffords' shooting. Kelly notes that Boehner "didn't take an opportunity to visit Giffords when he was in Houston for a basketball game and added that all they heard from the speaker after the shooting was 'a simple get-well card.'"

"Considering that she was a member of Congress and he was the highest-ranking member, we thought he'd ask to visit Gabby or at least give a call to see how she was doing," Kelly writes in "Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope." "Our only contact with him had been a simple get-well card he'd sent a few days after Gabby was injured."

Grr, Boehner! It was probably one of those annoying glitter cards too, where you open it and all this fucking glitter falls out and on your carpet and your pants and everywhere and you can't ever get it away. Also: No check?

Things had apparently been awkward between the two before she was shot in the head, as well, over a seemingly avoidable miscommunication at a restaurant:

Kelly writes that he told Giffords "maybe she scared him off" and reminded her of the time the couple saw Boehner in a Washington D.C. restaurant before the 2010 election.

They spotted the then-minority leader at another table and on their way out, according to Kelly's account, Giffords stopped to greet Boehner and told him with "a big smile on her face": "You stay out of my district. Okay. Remember. Stay out of my district."

Giffords "was trying to be funny but she was also giving him notice," Kelly recounts, noting Boehner "had an uncomfortable look on his face" as Giffords spoke.

I really doubt that John Boehner ignored Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot in the head as revenge for her being weird that one time in a restaurant. It's probably more that he's just not an overly friendly person.

[Image via AP]