This is Michele Bachmann's finest hour. I mean, for us, not for her. What do you think? My impression is that when you make a comically low-budget ad throwing together some clips of pretty much every other candidate being liberal-ish once or twice in their lives and sourcing your claims, however valid or not, with "," you're likely in the twilight of your run.

For those who cannot or choose not to watch, a summary: Who is the consistent conservative? Mitt Romney loves abortion. Herman Cain loves abortion. Ron Paul wants to give Iran nuclear weapons. Rick Perry wants illegals to learn things. Newt Gingrich wants to hug trees with Nancy Pelosi. Herman Cain is dumb about China. Newt Gingrich loves health care mandates and Mitt Romney loves them too. Mitt Romney wants to take your guns. Rick Perry cannot remember things in debates. VOTE FOR ME, DAMNIT. (Please?)