Today we learned that it is always a good idea to keep your work email and your personal email separate. Nothing good has ever come from mixing the two, and the sooner former White House chief of staff and current mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel learns this, the better.

One commenter forwarded us an email Emanuel sent to Attorney General Eric Holder from his personal account. From hunterworthen:


Yo, Holder. I'm home right now, it's 2am and my neighbor's RETARDED dog won't shut the hell up and I can't get any sleep. And I've got people to fire early tomorrow!

Can I get your opinion on the constitutionality of my detaining indefinitely and waterboarding that s.o.b.?? Let me guess, it's cool as long as I don't actually "hurt" him, lol.

Anyways, hit me back.




[Image via AP]