4chan, everyone's favorite pile of internet poop, has been mostly unavailable for the past two day due to a massive distributed denial-of-service attack. Hard to shed a tear for the 4channers, whose Anonymous denizens are pioneers of the DDoS.

A post on 4chan's official status blog reads, "Site down due to a large DDoS attack. We hope to have it back up soon." Members of Anonymous, which was borne of 4chan's toxic sludge, have perfected the DDoS in attacks against Paypal and Mastercard—even us.

Still, it's sort of frightening to think what these 4channers are doing with all the free time they had previously spent giggling over .gifs of gruesome motorcycle accidents. We're also wondering who's behind the attack, and why: Who trolls the trolls? If you've got any info, let me know: adrian@gawker.com

[Image via David Cardoso/Flickr]