Lady Marmalade, The Soul of Philadelphia, the one, the only, Miss Patti LaBelle: Get your kids the fuck away from her. That's the only reasonable takeaway, really, from a lawsuit filed against the singer by a family who lived in the same, Trump-owned tenement structure on the Upper West Side as LaBelle.

According to Roseanna Monk, she, her husband and their 18-month-old daughter Genevieve were in the building's lobby when LaBelle arrived, wearing "a fur coat and oversized sunglasses." LaBelle saw Genevieve standing by the entrance alone, and that was apparently enough to set her off.

One thing I remember her saying is ‘I hope you have a terrible life.' And I heard a lot of f-words," Monk said.

As the confrontation escalated, LaBelle allegedly threw water from a water bottle into the baby's face, and lunged at the mother.

"She was trying to come get me. Her people had to literally hold her back," Monk said.

"I can't begin to describe the sheer - just - terror and state that [Genevieve] was in," Kevin Monk said.

The Monks claim they hadn't planned on suing, but after they heard about an incident from last summer when two of LaBelle's bodyguards were arrested and charged with assaulting a West Point cadet at the Houston airport, they felt this stone cold diva needed to be taught a lesson in humility. Come on, Patti. We've all had moments of stroller rage; you gotta keep it in check. What would Oprah say? [CBS Local, Photo credit: Getty]