This actress dropped the N bomb at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. This other actress knows her husband is cheating. And this couple is really a gay man and his beard. Wonder what sort of names our actress would call him!

1. "This up and coming B list actress really needs to go to rehab or lay off the booze and whatever else she is taking. Not even out of her teens, the actress is out of control. So out of control that a recent event she was overheard more than once calling this current (so not Heidi Klum) Victoria's Secret model a 'nigger lover.' Yep, she said it. Several people heard her say it and eventually the model found out and confronted our young actress at the event in front of about ten people and the actress denied saying any such thing. After the model told the actress to grow up, and walked away, the actress then made another snide comment about a/the child of the model and left the event." [CDaN]

2. "This foreign-born actress has a husband that has been cheating on her for years. He thinks she doesn't know. She does. She's known since the beginning but looks the other way because she claims in her culture, ‘it's just what men do.' She has accepted his infidelity quietly and claims that as long as he doesn't bring it home, she's okay with the lies. So sad." [BuzzFoto]


3. "This sexy movie actress and this intense actor have been friends since they were kids. She definitely has a higher profile than he does, but lately he has been landing some big roles as well. When reports about them playing kissy face started to appear recently, it was puzzling because they make for a rather odd match. Well, we have a scoop for you. It's not a real relationship. Just a temporary bearding gig. However, since they do genuinely enjoy hanging out together, don't be surprised if they rebound back to each other again in the future." [Blind Gossip]