Meet Lindsey Miller. At 26, Lindsey has been living with cancer for over a year. After seeing 50/50, about a young man diagnosed with cancer starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who coincidentally stars in all of the posters on my bedroom wall), she has decided that she's ready to get back in the dating game.

Oh come on JGL, it's just one cup of coffee!

And you know what, I bet he says yes to her. Like the Marine Corps Ball ask-outs that went viral last July, these are successful because they absolutely have to be. If Gordon-Levitt turns this girl down, he's a total dick. A dick who knows how to wear a suit, sure, but a dick nonetheless. And with the Internet being what it is, he can't play coy and pretend he hasn't seen the video and just ignore its very existence. Also, this is cancer we're talking about. High stakes. This isn't just a cute girl with a penchant for dreamy, charming men with perfect bone structure and mischievously glittering eyes. Here is a girl who was profoundly moved by something that he, an artiste, made. Isn't that what this whole crazy circus is about anyway? Making things that inspire and connect with people? I think nine out of ten Vanity Fair profiles would agree that yes, that is exactly what these guys are supposed to be about.

So what's it gonna be, Joseph Gordon-Levitt? How's about that cup of coffee? Have your PR team call me her and set something up!