Okay, it was fine when it was just the naked guy running around Hillary Clinton, but now what's this latest distraction for Hillary Clinton on her trip to the Pacific? Some "youthful, left-wing protesters" have sabotaged her convoy with red paint, in the Phillipines! Fortunately, everyone survived.

ABC News headlines its story, "Communist Protesters Throw Red Paint on Clinton's Motorcade," and then proceeds to never use the word "communist" in its story or explain who they are or what they were protesting. Great work! Now let's see what a news organization, such as the BBC, has to say:

About 50 activists employed a "paint ambush" to protest legislation that allows U.S. troops in the Philippines to avoid criminal prosecution, said the British news service.

Or the AFP:

Shortly after the incident, a lone protester also disrupted a public forum with Clinton to urge the end of a military pact between the two countries.

At a largely friendly public meeting that was broadcast on television, a demonstrator suddenly stood up with a banner and repeatedly shouted, "Drop VFA!" before staff at the event escorted the protester out.

The protester was referring to the Visiting Forces Agreement, which gives US troops legal safeguards when they visit the Philippines.

The pact has been controversial in the Philippines after alleged crimes by US troops in the former colony, as well as opposition among some groups for any American soldiers to be in their country.

Crazy commies!