Because the entertainment industry is completely out of new ideas, here are the two newest old things that they're trying to make popular again: Woody Woodpecker and The Munsters. Get ready to fall into the nostalgia trap.

Universal has tapped the writers behind the Will Farrell skating comedy Blades of Glory to write a comeback for Woody Woodpecker, who your grandmother just loved to see before the talkies. Thankfully it sounds to be an entirely animated adventure and not one of those gold awful half-cartoon Frankenmovies like The Smurfs or The Chipmunks that keep making so much damn money that the studios keep churning them out.

NBC, in a desperate attempt to get anything on the air that someone might be interested in, has ordered a pilot for The Munsters. Just like the Playboy Club, they were huge in the '60s. Right? Right?! Instead of a sitcom the show will be a "visually spectacular" hour-long program by Bryan Fuller, who did the wonderful Pushing Daisies that was sadly nudged off the air for being far too wacky for its own good. Actually I can't wait to see what he does with this one.

But, what's next, Hollywood? Ricochet Rabbit and Mr. Ed?

[Woody image via Flickr, Munsters image via Flickr]