News from Comtel Air, whose slogan is "The Greatest Airline In the World," I really really hope:

Hundreds of passengers traveling from India to Britain were stranded for six hours in Vienna when their Comtel Air flight stopped for fuel on Tuesday. The charter service asked them to kick in more than 20,000 pounds ($31,000) to fund the rest of the flight to Birmingham, England.

To clarify that, and put it into plain English, without all the technical mumbo-jumbo: what happened was people bought a plane ticket to go to England, and then the plane stopped somewhere that was not England instead, and then one of the crew people gets on the microphone or whatever inside the plane, and then they told the people on the plane who had already paid for tickets and everything to come up with thirty fucking G's for gas, bro, or this plane ain't going anywhere. "Some passengers said they were sent off the plane to cash machines in Vienna to raise the money," according to the AP.

And Comtel Air is super fancy luxury jets. In these cases hijacking is legally justified.