Thursday is a special night in TVtown. Dreams come true on Thursday nights, you guys. Thursday's are what dreams are made of.

So, Community is on tonight. And after this week's announcement of the show's mid-season stall, this might be one of the last episodes for a while. For fun though, let's pretend everything on NBC is canceled this evening (or maybe you don't watch those shows anyway, in which case, this is a real life game of pretend for you). What will you watch this chilly November eve?

Maybe X-Factor on Fox? There are sports (go sports!) on somewhere and a new This Old House episode on PBS. The Big Bang Theory is on CBS, as is a new episode of The Mentalist, so your mom will have something to look at. And maybe you're not the biggest Leno fan, but Jimmy Fallon is a guest of his The Tonight Show, and the host-interviewing-host thing is kind of fun. They'll both be all, "Wait a minute, who's doing the interviewing here?!"

What you're watching tonight, we want to watch too. Let's have a chat in the comments, OK? OK!