The New York Post, the pandering tabloid of the fascist power structure, has spared no effort chronicling the most important story of the Occupy Wall Street movement: the presence of some hippie lady of which the New York Post does not approve. Today: the hippie lady villain rides again!

Her name is Stacey Hessler, and the NYP's original angle was that she was a "banker's wife" who had abandoned her family in order to run off and join the dirty hippies in Zucotti Park. (This was somewhat of a stretch, surprisingly.) Hessler—along with hundreds of others—was reportedly arrested by cops during the massive OWS protests yesterday. The Post's story on this random and objectively not newsworthy occurrence really is a masterpiece of scummy right-wing propaganda. The first line? "Here's your mom, kids. Proud?" Good start!

So, yeah, she was arrested, while protesting, and, let's see... any insinuations we can throw in, guys?

She didn't quite change the world during her visit to New York, but she did make some new friends, including her 30-year-old male tarp-mate - whom she has insisted is just a pal.

Dreadlocked hippie mom has dirty hippie sex in dirty hippie park! In other, less important news, huge protest movement envelops city.

Here's your story, New York Post. Proud?

[NYP. Photo via Facebook]