Earlier this week, New Yorkers were shaken and alarmed by a report that Starbucks could be closing some of its restrooms in the city, leaving us all with nowhere to urinate except in Roger Ailes' face. The company denied the report, but this is simply too important of a story to "take their word for it." Now, the New York Times is on the case!

NYT reporter Anne Barnard is soliciting input from readers of Jim Romenesko's Starbucks Gossip blog—insiders, you see—on this important pee issue. She's getting valuable feedback already!

I recently left Starbucks in Times Square after two years of working there. Before I left the company, that location did not have a bathroom. The location was recently remodeled to include a public restroom. I visited my former co-workers who say it has become the most disgusting place in the store-people have sex in there and homeless people use the bathroom as their personal shower. That being said, I know that location will not close their bathrooms but in preparing for Thanksgiving are considering hiring a bathroom attendant for the location. There are talks of hiring a full time attendant there.

Starbucks really is Creating Jobs for the USA. Apply now, liberal arts majors!

[Starbucks Gossip, photo via AP]